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30 September 2020

The Elephant That Is Outgrowing The Room

Now is the time to talk about addiction, the elephant which is outgrowing the room and growing out of control

15 September 2020

Alcohol Use And Addiction During Lockdown

Royal College Of Psychiatrists' analysis of alcohol use and addiction during lockdown: Our support

28 July 2020

My Prudential Ride London

Get on yer bike! To raise money for Action on Addiction 15th & 16th August

24 July 2020

Blackbaud Response

Information relating to a data security incident with a 3rd party service provider of Action on Addiction

1 July 2020

About Relapse

How relapse can happen and what to look out for

26 June 2020

The Brink Cafe, Liverpool

Therapeutic addiction services for individuals and families in Liverpool to remain available as The Brink Café, Liverpool sadly closes.

9 June 2020

The Duchess Of Cambridge Makes A Virtual Visit To Clouds House

On Thursday 4th June our Patron HRH The Duchess of Cambridge virtually visited Clouds House, to see how we have continued our livesaving work throughout the lockdown period.

8 June 2020

Getting in early, supporting families, and stopping the stigma of addiction

Sally Benton, Action on Addiction's Director of Strategy and Communications, on getting in early, supporting families, and stopping the stigma of addiction

4 June 2020

Children of addicted parents

Children of addicted parents: You are not alone

15 May 2020

Could lockdown drinking be costing you more than the price of the bottle?

Alcohol withdrawal: Is lockdown drinking costing you more than the price of the bottle?

11 May 2020

In Conversation with Josh Connolly

Josh Connolly, Spokesperson and Ambassador for Nacoa (National Association for Children of Alcoholics) in conversation with Clouds House Treatment Consultant Michael Rawlinson

28 April 2020

Want to change your life and help others?

We are delighted to call applications for The Distillers Charity Scholarship to our Foundation Degree in Addictions Counselling, a franchised programme of the University Of Bath.

27 April 2020

Help us to promote the far-reaching benefits of recovery

A blog from Action on Addiction's CEO Graham Beech on the urgent need to support well-managed addiction treatment, change the conversation and prepare for the inevitable surge in demand during and post-coronavirus lockdown.

17 April 2020

HRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Mental Health Roundtable.

Action on Addiction were honoured to participate in the Mental Health Roundtable chaired by The Royal Highness’s The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

9 April 2020

In Conversation with Tony Adams

Clouds House Treatment Consultant Michael Rawlinson in conversation with footballing legend, former England & Arsenal Captain and Rugby Football League President Tony Adams, talking about recovery, going back to basics during the coronavirus crisis, "zoom bombing" of meetings, structure, commitment, connecting, keeping busy, balance, and spiritual growth.

3 April 2020

In Conversation with Melissa Rice and Jade Wye of “Hooked: The Unexpected Addicts”

Clouds House Treatment Consultant Michael Rawlinson in conversation with "Hooked: The Unexpected Addicts"' Melissa Rice and Jade Wye, discussing recovery during this period of quarantine, physical distancing and staying at home - and how the opposite of addiction is connection.

2 April 2020

Is it the right time for rehab?

Tim Leighton PhD, Director of Professional Education & Research at Action on Addiction, addresses four current questions, which are intended to inform and motivate people struggling with their own addiction, their friends and family, and any professionals who may have clients they would like to refer.

25 March 2020

Isolation doesn’t have to mean disconnection: Recovery and coronavirus

The strict new measures announced by the government are crucial as we protect the vulnerable, combat the spread of coronavirus and, ultimately, save lives. Yet, this extraordinary moment presents a unique challenge to those in recovery.

17 March 2020

Our response to the coronavirus outbreak

Applying for life-saving treatment for addiction whilst the coronavirus outbreak continues, special precautions in relation to coronavirus and what this means for families.

12 March 2020

CANCELLED: The Clouds House Reunion 2020

Taking place on Saturday 13 June 2020, the reunion is open to everyone who successfully completed their treatment at Clouds House and continues to be stable in their recovery. You can invite up to three guests to share this special day celebrating your recovery.