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The Forward Trust

The Forward Trust empowers people to break the cycles of addiction or crime to move forward with their lives. Since 1991, they have been working with people to build positive and productive futures. They believe that anyone is capable of lasting change, whatever their past.


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Steps 2 Recovery

“Steps2Recovery works with people who find themselves stuck in the Criminal Justice System because of behaviour related to addiction. We know from our own experience that if individuals can access effective treatment, they can escape the revolving door of addiction, homelessness, and prison. Addiction is a health issue and needs to be de-stigmatised – the TAOA campaign will have a vitally important role to play in amplifying this message. Steps2Recovery is proud to be part of it.”


Mark Jones, Manager, Steps 2 Recovery

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Music Support

“Music Support is proud to stand united with our fellow charities to Take Action on Addiction. As a peer-led charity we know too well that addiction can happen to anyone. No one should suffer alone. It’s time to shatter the stigma around addiction and remove any barriers that inhibit children and vulnerable adults from accessing support and a continuum of care. Now is the time for change.”


Eric Mtungwazi, Chief Executive, Music Support

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“We are so proud to be supporting the Taking Action on Addiction Campaign. Working together, we are championing the needs for some of the most vulnerable people in the UK at a time when it has never been more important to do so. Only when the stigma is dismantled will people come forward to find help and their children will come too.”


Hilary Henriques MBE, CEO Nacoa

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Kaleidoscope Project

“At Kaleidoscope we are delighted to be Partners in the TAOA campaign. Ultimately, every person needs hope. Reducing the stigma associated with drug use is critical and begins with the understanding that those who suffer from addiction are often victims of significant trauma. They deserve inclusive services that address trauma, support with housing, provide the right medical assistance and make training and employment accessible.”


Martin Blakebrough, CEO Kaleidoscope Project

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Amy Winehouse Foundation

“Amy Winehouse Foundation is proud to be a partner in this important campaign, and to be Taking Action on Addiction with so many brilliant organisations. The young people we work with contend with so many pressures and mixed messages, so it’s essential that they hear the truth. Addiction can happen to anyone, there’s absolutely no shame in it and with the right support, recovery is always possible.”


Jane Winehouse, Managing Trustee, Amy Winehouse Foundation

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Phoenix Futures

“For many years Phoenix have adopted a strategic commitment to speak out against stigma. Stigma limits access to healthcare and limits opportunities for people to get better, stigma creates a sense of shame that stops people reaching out for help and limits the funding available for vital services. Stigma kills! We partnered in the TAOA campaign without hesitation because speaking out and taking a stand against stigma is not someone else’s issue, not mission drift, not playing with politics but embedded in our day-to-day work to support people and families affected by addiction.”


Karen Biggs, Phoenix Futures Chief Executive

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Faces and Voices Of Recovery UK

“FAVOR UK welcomes and celebrates the TAOA campaign. Challenging public policy to remove obstacles and promote equitable access to treatment systems and options at a time when there has never been more need for our help is vital. This campaign goes straight to the heart of stigma so that we can all call it out and promote equality for people with living and lived experience of alcohol and other drug dependency to get access to every choice and every chance that can get us well.”


Annemarie Ward, CEO, FAVOR UK


Visible Recovery

"Visible Recovery has been set up to advance the education of legislators, health professionals, police, criminal justice professionals, academics, teachers, spiritual leaders, cultural organisations and others in the UK and worldwide who come into contact with suffering addicts. We aim to help them better understand the benefits offered to their clients (the public) from the many 12 Step programmes available in the UK and worldwide. One of the ways we do this is by holding Recovery Fairs. A Recovery Fair is a collaboration between the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for 12 Step Recovery, Visible Recovery and a local MP. It aims to bring together 12 Step fellowships from across the area and connect them with the service providers and communities that they do so much to support."

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