Taking Action on Addiction

Welcome to the Taking Action on Addiction, a campaign that exists to build awareness, celebrate recovery, improve understanding and reduce the myths that surround addiction, so that more people can ask for and receive help. Addiction is a serious mental health condition. Most people will know someone affected by it. However too often addiction is left hidden from view, or not spoken about until people reach crisis point. It is one of the few serious health conditions where people are blamed for their ill-health and families are shamed into silence. Yet addiction can happen to anyone, from all walks of life. It is not an individual or family’s moral failing.

It is so often rooted in pain, trauma or adverse childhood experiences. And recovery from it is possible.

This campaign seeks to reverse the myths that surround addiction across our society, so it can become normal for people to seek help or treatment, and receive the help needed as early as possible.

It is an honour to be joined by you on this campaign website along with the charities that have started this journey with us. We hope you will join this campaign in the years ahead to tell different stories, improve understanding and bring hope.

Mike Trace CEO, The Forward Trust