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Visit The Forward Trust website

Following the merger with Forward Trust, all previous services provided by Action on Addiction can now be found by visiting the Forward Trust website

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Visit The Clouds House Website

If you're looking for Clouds House, it continues to offer all of it's services, has its very own home online and can be found by visiting the Clouds House website

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Reach Out Online Chat

If you’re finding things tough right now, our Reach Out online chat service can help. Our friendly team is here to offer support and someone to talk to.

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Get Support Online

Reach Out Online Chat

Our team provides free, confidential advice on a range of issues, including drug or alcohol worries and mental health – whether they affect you directly or a friend or relative. And if we don’t have the answers to all of your questions, we will be able to signpost you to somebody who will. Our online chat service is currently available between 9am and 3pm Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Please note: Reach Out is not a crisis service. If you are in an urgent situation or emergency, such as a suspected overdose, call 999. If you are in crisis, contact the Samaritans.