Our services

  • Residential treatment: Clouds House

    Clouds has been providing high-quality treatment, including detoxification and rehabilitation, for sufferers of addiction since 1983. Our treatment model provides a rich and safe environment in which clients gain valuable insights into issues around their addiction their relationships with themselves, other people and the substances or behaviours of their addiction. Clouds House is rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission. Read more

  • Life-changing education

    We offer world-leading vocational training for counsellors, substance misuse workers and other professionals seeking to develop skills and knowledge in the field of addiction. Whether you are a college leaver looking to make the transition into higher education, a qualified professional seeking a career change or someone in long-term recovery from addiction, our degree programme is likely to be the perfect solution for you. Read more

  • Get help for an addiction

    If you or someone close to you requires help for an addiction reach out to one of our experts and give yourself or someone you know the chance of stable recovery. We treat all forms of addiction including: alcoholism; drug addiction (prescribed and non-prescribed); gambling; gaming; and sex. We also treat some food related disorders. When you call us you will speak directly to a highly qualified member of our team and not to a third party agent. Read more

  • Community-based treatment: Clouds in the Community

    We take the best of what we offer at Clouds and make it available to people who require treatment for addictions in their own neighbourhoods. Remarkable outcomes have been achieved at our Self-Help Addiction Recovery Programme (SHARP). Independent evaluation of one of our programmes, commissioned by Essex County Council, showed that less than 25% of clients returned to any treatment service upon completion of the scheme. Read more

Our impact

  • Our patron

    Action on Addiction was one of four charities of which The Duchess became Patron in January 2012. The Duchess' patronage continues to be pivotal in helping us develop and promote practical solutions which enable more and more people to live their lives free from addiction, and to challenge the stigma that surrounds it. Read more

  • Reports, awards and affiliations

    Action on Addiction provides residential and day treatment for addictions to drugs, alcohol, gambling and other behaviours. Here are a list of all the awards we have obtained, CQC reports and those which we are affliated with. Clouds House is rated ‘Good’ by the Care Quality Commission, which demonstrates our commitment to safety, effectiveness and quality of service. Read more

  • Inspirational stories and testimonials

    We have been providing life-saving treatment for sufferers of addiction for 35 years. In that time we have heard countless heart rending accounts of people’s addiction and stories of recovery that never cease to inspire us. Here are just a few of those stories, together with extracts from what some of our clients have told us about the care and treatment they receive from Action on Addiction. Read more

  • Family support

    Around three million children live with adults who suffer with alcohol and/or drug addiction. We help children talk about their feelings and experiences, in a safe environment. Read more

Our approach

  • Annual Review 2017

    Action on Addiction brings help, hope and freedom to those who suffer problems of addiction. Our annual reviews provide insight into our life-changing work as well our remarkable achievements year on year. Read more

  • Professional partnerships

    Since 1983 Clouds has been the beating heart of a growing network of successful partnerships which works to help sufferers of addiction from all walks of life. The strong relationships we have fostered with individual doctors, therapists and other referrers have helped thousands of people find the chance of recovery from addiction. Read more

  • Building recovery

    At Action on Addiction we do all we can to keep our clients connected to their treatment experience. We actively promote the development of a support network for people in treatment, and encourage the people we work with to support one another. Read more

  • Addictions and their wider effects

    The work of Action on Addiction is wide-ranging and far-reaching. For every person the charity helps to move their lives on in recovery another five people benefit indirectly. This includes children growing up with an addicted parent, loved ones whose relationships are marred by the effects of addiction, as well as friends and colleagues. Read more