Lockdown is having a profound effect on all of us, particularly those with mental health issues and these are the people Eternity strive to protect. The charities we support need our help more than ever before to address a parallel epidemic of suicide, addiction and depression which will outlast the viral pandemic. In 2020 Eternity raised over £500,000 for these three charities and this is only the beginning.

Lola Bute, Founder, Eternity Movement

Cancellation of the inaugural event didn't stop the fundraising

On March 26, 2020 the Eternity Movement were about to host their first  large-scale fundraising event.
The pandemic very sadly saw the event cancelled -  however preceding the event Eternity had already been able to raise over £250,000 - a truly overwhelming figure, which was distributed between the charities.

Loss and Hope Book

 March 2020 also saw the launch the next Eternity project, a collaboration with The Pound Project. The book "Loss and Hope," was strictly limited edition collection curated by Scarlett Curtis, Lola Bute and Jonah Freud, featuring poignant reflections from artists, authors, actors, directors, experts and parents confronting their own pain and grief, to offer hope to those still suffering, and to say: "We must act now."

Available only online between March 8th and April 18, the book was a well-deserved success, selling out of its original print run.

Collaboration with Rose Of The Wild Bunch

In November 2020 another creative fundraising initiative was launched by Eternity with partners Rose Of The Wild Bunch - selling custom made silk bandanas designed by Lola Bute and Esme Lane Fox, using original artwork from the late Kai Schachter and his brother Adrian Schachter. The exquisite bandanas of course sold out very quickly.

The Kai Charm with House Of Roxy

The Kai Charm, a touching tribute celebrating the life of artist Kai Schacter, was the first collaboration with House of Roxy, an ethical jewelry brand  - but it won't be the last. A green number 7 (Kai's lucky number) formed from peridot gemstones, on a gold plated chain, the Kai charm sold out within 10 hours of it's drop.

A special edition of Kai Charm  in solid 18kt gold and Emeralds was also made available. 

The Eternity Exhibition

Eternity Movement rounded off 2020 with an incredible socially distanced art exhibition and auction showcasing work by some of their most talented supporters. The exhibition, which included artwork donated by Tracy Emin, Robert Montgomery, Henry Hudson and Adrian Schachter, with show-stealing not-for-sale centerpiece by the late Kai Schacher, focused on how young artists process their struggles through creative expression; how art can be a clear voice when the words are too difficult to say aloud.

Lola Bute said "expressing oneself through the arts is beautiful, and so brave when it puts the fears and frailty of the artist on display. I am in awe, and so proud of those who are able to communicate in this way. I am so grateful to all of the amazing artists and creatives involved. This would not be possible without each and every one of you."