The work of Action on Addiction is wide-ranging and far-reaching. For every person the charity helps to move their lives on in recovery another five people benefit indirectly. This includes children growing up with an addicted parent, loved ones whose relationships are marred by the effects of addiction, as well as friends, colleagues and/or neighbours. 

Our experts provide high quality and effective treatment for people who are struggling with all forms of addiction. In all our treatment centres we apply a whole-team approach and a treatment model based on the following principles:

  • A community of people in recovery – together
  • The whole staff team being aware of what is required in order for recovery to flourish
  • An awareness that addiction acts as an undermining force which must be tackled
  • Understanding the different elements which may undermine the culture of recovery and addressing all of them
  • Facilitating a self-regulating community such that recovery - as opposed to addiction - dominates