Since 1983 Clouds has been the beating heart of a growing network of successful partnerships which works to help sufferers of addiction from all walks of life. The strong relationships we have fostered with individual doctors, therapists and other referrers have helped thousands of people find the chance of recovery from addiction.

Our Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies works to raise professional standards across addiction counselling as well as ensuring the quality of training of our own counsellors. We have further links with the University of Bath and other academic and research institutions such as Sheffield Hallam and Kings College London.

We actively promote the development of a support network for people in recovery, and wherever we work we play a lead role in developing and supporting the local recovery community. We work closely with local authorities, employers, other substance misuse treatment providers and health services, and mutual aid groups and fellowships to open doors to recovery.

Please contact our Chief Executive's office to discuss how your organisation can work in partnership with Action on Addiction.

T: 01747 832038