“Treatment can be a bridge into normal living but people sometimes get stuck on the bridge and don’t keep walking”.

These are the words of someone who recognises that completing treatment is often just the first leg on an individual’s recovery journey.

At Action on Addiction we do all we can to keep our clients connected to their treatment experience. We actively promote the development of a support network for people in treatment, and encourage the people we work with to support one another. We try to enable our clients to “live and breathe” recovery in their own neighbourhoods, harvesting the rewards of recovery on an daily basis. This is borne out of the close connectivity we have with 12 Step fellowships and other mutual aid groups.

As well as offering top quality treatment we also provide the following activities at our treatment centres:

  • Pre-treatment meetings
  • Professional assessments for addiction and related issues
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Mindfulness relapse prevention training
  • Aftercare
  • Recovery management groups
  • Annual reunions where clients share experience, hope and solidarity