Addiction is both powerful and indiscriminate, and can be just as damaging to those with high earning potential as those who are poor. Corporate partnerships not only make a huge difference to Action on Addiction in supporting various aspects of our work, they also give us a platform upon which we are able to reach out to people in the corporate world who are struggling with addiction.

Our approach is to develop partnerships predicated on a shared strategic understanding of the ways in which working together can provide tangible benefits to both parties. 

We offer leadership opportunities for your employees to raise funds and/or share their expertise in pursuit of a cause which is both hugely important and directly relevant to them - after all, everyone knows someone who is affected by addiction. The quid pro quo is that Action on Addiction is able to offer things like: top quality professional training to your staff; a support service for your employees; and where appropriate referral pathways into some of the UK's best treatment facilities for your staff and/or clients.

Some of the companies we are working with:


Feel free to contact our Chief Executive or our fundraising team if you are looking for your next charity of the year, or wish to build some other form of collaboration with this great charity.