If you are a client, a former client, or a relative of a client of any of our treatment centres, we would like to hear from you if you have any concerns about the way you are being or have been treated by Action on Addiction.
We accept complaints made via any communication route, including: in writing by letter or other means of correspondence; email; verbally, in person or by telephone; via an appropriate third party; and/or via an interpreter.
Under normal circumstances, we only deal with concerns that are brought to our attention 12 months from the date on which the matter occurred, or on which the matter came to the notice of the person making the complaint. However, we will respond to all complaints irrespective of the time that has elapsed since the event(s) in question occurred if there are good reasons for the matter not to have been raised earlier and it is felt that it is still possible to investigate the matter effectively. All written complaints should be addressed to:
Senior Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive
Action on Addiction
Head Office
East Knoyle
Wiltshire   SP3 6BE
Telephone: 0300 330 0659
Email: [email protected]
Alternatively you may wish to bring enquiries and concerns to the attention of any member of staff, in which case he or she will attempt to address the situation at the earliest opportunity. If, however, he or she is unable to resolve the matter they will refer you to a more senior member of staff and or explain how you may take the matter further.
We offer an open, honest, candid, fair and equitable system of managing complaints, which is non-discriminatory and accessible to people of all backgrounds. We do not distinguish between “informal” and “formal” complaints, attempts will be made to resolve concerns in a prompt and positive way irrespective of the nature of the concern which is being expressed. We will always aim to resolve matters speedily and efficiently and keep you informed as to the progress of any investigation into your complaint.
As a CQC registered provider, Action on Addiction is aware of its duty of candour requirements and, where there is a serious clinical incident involving a client we will inform the client (and where we are able, the family) about what has happened, what if any harm has been caused, and what we intend to do about it.
If you wish to see a copy of our policy and procedures relating to making complaints and/or our duty of candour, please ask the quality manager or another member of staff.