Not everyone requires a period of residential treatment to move from active addiction to recovery.

There is very good evidence that our Self-Help Addiction Recovery Programme (SHARP) is the starting point for long term recovery and abstinence, and that it also leads to improvements in participants’ physical and psychological health, self-efficacy and overall quality of life. Whereas many of those with addiction issues notoriously pass through the revolving door of community-based treatment services, independent evaluation of our community recovery programme in Essex shows that almost 80% of our clients did not return to any treatment service following completion of our programme.

It is testament to our achievements that on visiting The Brink Cafe, our dry bar in Liverpool (the first of its type in the UK) Damian Hinds MP, then Minister of State for Employment, praised our model as “a shining example of a really inclusive approach, helping build a Britain that works for everyone”.

Our recovery management programme keeps people connected with their treatment experience and also keeps our clients in touch with people in a similar position.

Our community based services (including family support) currently operate in the following areas (please click on the links below to find out more):