Michael leads our extremely knowledgeable and highly trained team of addictions counsellors at Clouds. Like many of his colleagues – past and present – Michael has a degree in Addictions Counselling from Action on Addiction’s Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies.

Having worked at Clouds for almost a decade, Michael recognises that the quality of the therapeutic programme, which is continually evolving, is one of the key reasons why our clients choose Clouds over other treatment centres. It is Michael’s job to ensure the team delivers the programme in a consistent, caring and disciplined manner.

Recently, the team has updated the programme, reaffirming our focus on treatment planning, strengthening our links with the 12 step fellowships, and reaching out to family members and clients in aftercare through the use of new technology.

For Michael, one of the most rewarding highlights of any year is the annual reunion at Clouds, which takes on a different meaning for him each year as ever more people return to Clouds in stable recovery.

For our clients, whose lives have changed immeasurably by coming to Clouds, the reunion is a chance to reflect and enjoy the true value of their recovery.

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