Matt specialises in the areas of family interventions and working with children affected by parental addiction. Matt’s dual role of tutor/counsellor means that his practice informs his teaching and his teaching informs his practice.

In his work, Matt sees the negative effects of addiction in the starkest of forms as chronic stress, daily hassles, threats and uncertainty combine to disempower people in making healthy changes. Family members can easily become overwhelmed by addiction, forgetting about themselves and their own needs in an all-consuming and often futile attempt to fix what they perceive to be the problem.


Set against this, our family specialists such as Matt help and support the whole family, not just the individual with the addiction, thereby ensuring that positive changes are better maintained.

Awareness, education and the processing of experiences – as well as learning to deal with the practicalities of everyday life – all have a role to play in building resilience within families faced with the problems of addiction. 

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