When Claire began treatment at Action on Addiction’s Self Help Recovery Programme (SHARP) in Liverpool, she had lost contact with her youngest child due to her addiction to alcohol. Social services had removed her daughter and placed her in the care of a family member, and it was at this moment that Claire realised she needed to sort out her addiction and focus on rebuilding her family.

Little by little, Claire began learning about her addiction, and also about her relationships with alcohol, other people and herself. In addition, she learned coping strategies that she could take home to ensure she remained abstinent in spite of the pressures of everyday life.

After completing SHARP, Claire attended our weekly aftercare group and also began helping out at Action on Addiction, lending support to people in active addiction. Having started her recovery, Claire now looks after her daughter fifty per cent of the time and is hoping she’ll soon be returned to her full-time care.

SHARP gave me the tools to cope with life on life’s terms, to understand that I’m not a bad person, I just made bad decisions while I was unwell and that I can’t be perfect, but I can be the best version of me today.

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