Whatever relationship you have to an addict there will be a commonality of experience; whether you are a parent, partner, child, sibling, or friend. When somebody is engaged in addictive behaviour it can be extremely frightening, confusing and traumatic.


Communication may break down so individual needs do not get met and as a consequence relationships fall apart. There is usually conflict present where you may find yourself being worried about challenging or ‘speaking out’ about unacceptable behaviour due to a fear that it might make the situation worse.


Feeling judged or blaming yourself can lead to stigma and isolation whereby you become detached from extended family, friends and the community. With overwhelming feelings of responsibility, despair and loss, psychological or physical health may deteriorate – it’s exhausting and extremely stressful. You can become so totally focused on the addict’s needs that you forget your own.


Everybody around the addict is affected adversely in some way and these effects ripple out to detrimentally influence the economy and the framework of society.


Research tells us that a child's development and quality of life can be seriously affected by parental substance misuse. In response to this we devised the independently-evaluated and award-winning M-PACT (Moving Parents and Children Together) programme which specifically meets the multiple and complex needs of these children.


The programme can be best described as an evidence-based psychosocial and educational brief intervention that takes a whole family approach. M-PACT is now being delivered across the UK in community settings as well as schools and prisons.


The benefits of M-PACT go beyond the attendees, in supporting families on the programme then ultimately the community and society gains.  


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