After finishing her A-Levels, Sian wanted to study a degree which would lead to a career helping people. However, she knew that teaching and care work were not right for her. The more she read about the addictions counselling degree course, the more she became fascinated with the psychology of addiction.

As part of her degree, Sian secured a placement in a residential rehabilitation centre. At first she thought becoming a trainee counsellor at such a young age might present major challenges, however, in reality she was able to relate well to the people she worked with and her age presented no real barrier at all.

With hindsight, I realise I was quite narrow-minded about how people can fall into the cycle of addiction. I chose to study the course because I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives in the same way.

Her placement mentor described her as the best student he’d ever worked with:

Her attitude, confidence, attention to detail, communication, team working and support of the clients was exemplary.

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