Are you longing for

A Life Free From Addiction?

Clouds House threw me a lifeline and I just grabbed it. As soon as I walked through that door, my life started to change.

Marcus, Clouds House alumni

You are not alone

If you've reached this page, you may be worried that you or a loved one has a problem with an addiction that's serious enough to need professional help. This can be a very lonely and situation. At Clouds House, we're here to help. You are not alone.

Back To Life

At Clouds House, we have been providing life-saving treatment for individuals from all walks of life, affected by all kinds of addiction, since 1983. Our purpose is to help you get well, stay well, and live a life free from addiction, full of meaning and purpose.


Help for people from all walks of life.

At Clouds House, we provide residential treatment for private paying clients, people with private medical insurance or in receipt of state funding. We also raise bursary funds to help people who are unable to obtain funding from any other source. There is always a wonderful mix of people with very different stories sharing the common bond of wanting to recover.


A proven treatment model.

Interpersonal group therapy has always been the bedrock of our treatment model which also includes individual counselling, education through lectures and workshops, complementary therapies and access to family counselling. Your treatment begins with thorough psychiatric and medical assessments and supervised withdrawal from alcohol and drug dependence if needed. Clouds House is registered with the Care Quality Commission with an overall rating of “Good”."

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If you think you are ready for residential treatment and would like to speak to our admissions department please click here or use the form at the bottom of this page.

REACH OUT for our

Online Chat Service

Finding things tough? The Forward Trust Reach Out online chat service can help. Our friendly team is here to offer support and someone to talk to with free, confidential advice on a range of issues, including drug or alcohol worries and mental health – whether they affect you, a friend or relative, 9am - 3pm Monday-Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). Reach Out is not a crisis service. In an urgent situation or emergency, such as a suspected overdose, call 999. In a crisis, contact The Samaritans.

What to expect

At Clouds House

For information about Clouds House, our treatment programme and what to expect, to help you decide if you think residential treatment is right for you, click here.

My mess is now my message

Marcus' Story

It really can happen to anyone

Anna's Story

A reprieve from myself

Christos' Story

I said ‘Just take me back to Clouds, that’s where I want to be.'

Siobhan's Story

I’ve just finished a year of aftercare, and my life today could not be more opposite to what it was. It is such a phenomenal feeling.

Siobhan, Clouds House alumni

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Addiction: It's not a choice