Action on Addiction runs some of the longest standing and most effective addiction treatment programmes in the UK. Over the course of the last 35 years the charity has helped thousands of people move their lives on in recovery, free from addiction.


Our experts today offer the same opportunity for life-changing treatment that we have been providing to individuals and families since 1983. Back then, Clouds House, Action on Addiction’s flagship treatment centre, was one of only a couple of specialist rehabs for addiction and a last chance saloon for people who had lost everything apart from the pain and shame of their addiction.


In those days, none of the people who came to us for help could lean on any of the tools we all rely on nowadays for guidance and support. Nonetheless, without mobile phones, satnavs or even good old Google, somehow people managed to find their way to the house on the hill, where they would find peace, companionship and understanding, and the chance to get well and start rebuilding their lives.


We had been changing lives at Clouds for almost a decade before Professor Sir Tim Berners-Lee and his team launched the world’s first website in 1991, and it was to be another 20 years before the words “search”, “engine” and “optimisation” appeared together in the same sentence in that order.


Like so many other charities, we blinked, and when we opened our eyes we discovered the world around us had changed. It was as if the Martians, armed with mobile-friendly websites, search engine-friendly keywords and Google-friendly adverts, had landed, and we knew if we were going to make our life-saving treatment available to more people in more places we needed to master the art of SEO.


So we turned to Daniel Tannenbaum of Tudor Lodge Consultants, specialists in search engine optimisation who offered to help the charity out on a pro bono basis. Daniel is an award-winning young entrepreneur and recent co-founder of another business Perfect Funeral Plans. Within a week of getting started his team of experts – having conducted a detailed analysis of our keywords and our Google ranking – had produced a list of meta-titles along with alternative descriptions and text and had drafted new pages for the website, targeting new keywords.


We are hugely grateful to Daniel and his team for bringing real expertise to bear on this business-critical issue. All their hard work, experience and attention to detail is clearly paying off, two months into this incredibly mystical journey, whilst we don’t claim to have mastered the art of SEO, our CEO has developed a strange fascination for the results of advanced web ranking software as our Google position ranks higher each day.