Action on Addiction has issued five key points in response to today's article in The Sunday Times: 'Google makes millions from plight of addicts'.

  1. Action on Addiction does not pay to advertise on Google and, unlike some other treatment centres, does not inflate its prices in order to meet the cost of online advertising. The only advertising we do online is via The Google Grants scheme which, as a registered charity, is free for us to use.
  2. Our prime focus is the quality of the treatment we offer, and the charity does not pay referral agents to refer clients to any of our treatment centres.
  3. We never expect a person who requires life-saving treatment to have to pay on top for a third-party agent who plays no active role whatsoever in their treatment.
  4. Those seeking help - either for themselves or for someone else - may contact us in the knowledge that the call will be answered by an expert, not by a third party agent who is not qualified and has never even visited our treatment centre.
  5. Action on Addiction raises money to operate a bursary scheme which enables people who cannot obtain funding from any other source to receive the help they need at our flagship treatment centre, Clouds House.
  6. Get in touch with one of our experts if you are, or someone you know is, in the grip of addiction and needs help.