Amidst decreasing levels of public funding and increasing costs of delivery, Action on Addiction will be closing Hope House – its treatment centre in South London – in March 2018.

The charity forecasts that in future it will cost more to help fewer women at a time when less funding is available to sustain the service. Continuing to operate in this way would be contrary to Action on Addiction’s strategy of reaching more people in more places.

The charity is proud of the fact that Hope House has made such an enormous difference to the lives of women and families affected by addiction. The legacy it leaves behind is an in-depth understanding of these issues, which will be carried forward at Clouds House, The Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies and Action on Addiction’s community-based services.

The trustee board and Chief Executive would like to thank all the staff, volunteers and sessional workers (past and present) who have worked tirelessly to enable women to live their lives in recovery free from addiction. None of this would have been possible without the generous contributions of supporters and donors and their support is greatly appreciated.