3 April 2019: Harness the power of interpersonal group therapy

Nicky Adams describes the benefits of the group therapy Read more

2 April 2019: Addictions counselling: It's not all about the 12 steps

Katherine Jenkins explains 12 step programme is not the only way to treat addiction Read more

7 February 2019: Parental drinking: the elephant in the room

There is now a significant amount of research into problematic alcohol use and its impact on children – and one issue that crops up regularly in these studies is the secrecy which surrounds parental drinking.Read more

7 February 2019: Expressing yourself through artwork

It can be considered that to draw is a natural instinct for human beings(Dutton 2009). As we get older the activity of creating a piece of artwork evolves from erratic scrawling to illustrations that can make sense of our experiences (Case & Dalley 1999). In turn this enables us to communicate and express ourselves. Read more

30 January 2019: Supervision for drug and alcohol practitioners working with families

At Action on Addiction we support treatment staff to take care of their emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. On 7 March Nicky Adams will be delivering a one-day training event for managers, supervisors and team leaders.Read more

17 December 2018: The importance of family mealtime

Nicky Adams, Families Programme Leader at Action on Addiction, discuss the importance of family mealtimes in building support networks and strengthening relationships.Read more

3 December 2018: Successful treatment lies in the assessment

The latest NHS statistics released last week on drug misuse in England show that Class A drug use has increased from 6.2% in 2011/12, to 8.4% in 2017/18, mainly driven by an increase in powder cocaine and ecstasy use.Read more

21 November 2018: What to do if your child has a gambling addiction

When a child has a problem with gambling it can be extremely frightening, confusing and traumatic for parents. Communication may break down so individual needs do not get met and as consequence relationships fall apart.Read more

4 October 2018: Experts gather around family resilience

Following on from our roundtable discussion, Graham Beech, Action on Addiction’s Chief Executive, calls for a distinctive policy approach to building family resilience.Read more

26 September 2018: Calling all writers: An essay competition about addiction

Residential treatment provider Castle Craig has launched an International Essay Writing Competition to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Intended for students of medicine, psychology, nursing, psychotherapy and social work, entrants are being asked to submit an essay of no more than 3,000 words on the subject of addiction.Read more

14 September 2018: Sarah's story: Addicted to shopping

Former Clouds House resident Sarah talks to us about her addiction to shopping and the treatment for her process addiction at Clouds House.Read more

30 August 2018: Dr Simone Yule: To avoid opioid abuse we need to re-think our relationship with pain

An opioid pandemic is on the horizon for the UK unless doctors can rethink how they handle pain management and relief - but heavy workload is making this hard to achieve, says Action on Addiction adviser Dr Simone Yule.Read more

24 August 2018: Raise money for Action on Addiction while you shop

We rely heavily on funding raised by our wonderful supporters – from major donors to corporate sponsorships and our committed – and often heroic – fundraisers.Read more

16 August 2018: Addictions counselling graduates: Sian Hitchcock

After finishing her A-Levels, Sian wanted to study a degree which would lead to a career helping people. The more she read about the addictions counselling degree course, the more she became fascinated with the psychology of addiction.Read more

8 August 2018: Recovery experts: Matt Serlin, Tutor and Families Counsellor

Matt specialises in the areas of family interventions and working with children affected by parental addiction. Matt’s dual role of tutor/counsellor means that his practice informs his teaching and his teaching informs his practice.Read more

23 July 2018: People in Recovery: Claire's story

When Claire began treatment at Action on Addiction’s Self Help Recovery Programme (SHARP) in Liverpool, she had lost contact with her youngest child due to her addiction to alcohol. Read her story of recovery.Read more

16 July 2018: Recovery experts: Michael Rawlinson, Lead Practitioner

Michael leads our extremely knowledgeable and highly trained team of addictions counsellors at Clouds. Like many of his colleagues – past and present – Michael has a degree in Addictions Counselling from Action on Addiction’s Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies.Read more

6 July 2018: People in recovery: Jack's story

By the age of 20, Jack was a high-performing property salesman in London. Working hard and earning lots of money, the high life welcomed Jack with open arms, and his partying lifestyle quickly helped him deal with his highly pressurised career. Within just three years, addicted to drink and drugs, Jack ‘ballooned’ to 25 stone and was given just six months to live.Read more

24 June 2018: Probation services and charities: does it have to end in ‘tiers’?

The publication of the Justice Committee’s report on the government’s Transforming Rehabilitation policy provides yet more evidence that the so-called rehabilitation revolution has resulted in charities being less involved than ever in the delivery of probation services.Read more

4 May 2018: Celebrating 35 years of Clouds House

This year is the 35th anniversary of the establishment of Clouds House, our residential rehab treatment facility in Wiltshire.Read more

18 April 2018: What is the impact of addiction on children?

Whatever relationship you have to an addict there will be a commonality of experience; whether you are a parent, partner, child, sibling, or friend. When somebody is engaged in addictive behaviour it can be extremely frightening, confusing and traumatic.Read more