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Hope House

In treatment I was alongside women who had similar challenges to me. We all supported each other, and that was a huge factor in helping me to stay off drink and drugs. I have been clean now for 17 years.
Hope House is a safe, secure and comfortable place for women to recover from substance dependence and receive additional support for other compulsive disorders. If you have already undergone detoxification and first stage treatment but are in need of further support we can help you come to terms with problems related to your addiction and help you maintain a substance free life.

Hope House is special in that it's just for women. Many of our clients have a history of difficult relationships and find an all-female environment a supportive place to work through issues and begin to recover. Living with other women in similar situations, you will benefit from the care of the counsellors and therapists and encouragement of your peers.

The Hope House treatment programme lasts 12-24 weeks and is suitable for women aged 18 or over who have undergone detoxification and first stage treatment.

Our location

Hope House is a beautiful Grade II listed Georgian house, located in a peaceful corner of South West London, close to Clapham Common. This elegant and spacious home enables us to treat up to 23 women at a time and offer each of them the personal space they need to recover.

Our attractive garden offers you a haven from the city and a natural, sensual environment in which to relax. Inside, there's a large living room where you can chat, read or watch TV, as well as private counselling rooms for one-to-one therapy sessions. Our bedrooms are light and airy with contemporary furniture and newly fitted bathrooms.

Our staff

Our committed and highly qualified staff are specialists in addiction as well as personality and eating disorders. They work as a diverse team of counsellors and therapists, providing a structured treatment programme for women with complex needs.

We work closely with you to help you understand how other issues like these can affect your substance misuse. We'll encourage you to develop your own strategies for living effectively in the community without relying on drink or drugs.

Coming to Hope House


To be referred to Hope House you must be 18 years or over and have already undergone detoxification from drink and/or drugs. You must have been free from mood-altering substances for at least two weeks.

We prioritise women who have already completed a first stage treatment programme. It helps if you're familiar with the 12-step abstinence-based approach to recovery, so you'll know what to expect in advance and are ready to participate in the programme. We accept all sources of referral, including self-referral.

Pre-treatment assessment

We like all clients to attend a pre-treatment assessment visit, during which time we make sure that Hope House is the right place for you. You'll be able to see the house and meet our staff along with the other women here. You will also be able to stay the night if you've travelled a long distance. If a visit isn't possible, we can arrange a telephone assessment.

If you have any mental health issues, we have highly trained staff who can work with you and the services you are currently in contact with.

What to expect

The treatment programme

We provide a professional and well-planned therapeutic programme based on a 12-step abstinence model. Our holistic approach considers your emotional, physical, educational and recreational needs.

Upon arrival, you'll be shown to your room and assigned 'a buddy'. Mutual support is crucial to clients' recovery, as you'll help each other rebuild your confidence and learn or re-learn life skills. Everyone participates in the running of the house, including shopping, tidying and budgeting, as well as making decisions about domestic and community matters. We encourage you to share the food shopping and cook and eat together.

You will be involved in your own treatment planning and you'll participate in daily groups and workshops where you can share your experiences, as well as one-to-one counselling in private therapy rooms. We'll help you focus on relapse prevention and work with you on health, family and housing issues.

New residents are not allowed out unaccompanied for the first week, but after that you can go on social outings with fellow residents which is a fun and helpful part of the treatment process.

Other activities

We offer a number of therapies to complement the treatment programme.

Art therapy

You can work with qualified art therapists to go through your personal issues by drawing or painting.


A massage therapy in which pressure is applied to the areas of the feet and hands to encourage healing in corresponding organs, glands and body parts.


We also offer a gym membership for the duration of your treatment to help improve your general fitness.

Managing your recovery


Following the residential treatment programme, we provide 12 weeks of structured aftercare, supporting you with your recovery back in the community. We also provide individual follow-up sessions with continuing resettlement advice for up to one year.

Research shows that affiliation to 12-step self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can be extremely beneficial in helping maintain a drug and alcohol free lifestyle, and we'll encourage you to regularly attend these meetings. If we feel you require further professional help and support for whatever reason, we will provide guidance and onward referral.


Rebuilding close relationships with your family is vital to recovery. We encourage facilitated meetings between you and your family, and children under 12 can stay over night at weekends. There are no special facilities for children so agreement needs to be discussed between other residents, social services and staff. You are responsible for your children but staff are on hand if support is needed.

For details of costs or for more information on Hope House, please contact us between 10am - 5pm on 020 7622 7833 or email:


Action on Addiction is the first and only specialist addiction treatment provider in the UK to achieve accreditation from the Healthcare Accreditation & Quality Unit (HAQU) of CHKS (Caspie Healthcare Knowledge Systems) for the whole organisation which encompasses all Client Services, including Hope House.


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