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This is the Charity’s blog providing insights into the addictions field. We hope you will find it interesting and thought provoking

Illegal online trade in Valium

I was asked to take part in a BBC Radio item looking into the illegal online trade in Valium. However it is acquired, in using the drug there is a risk of addiction.  It may not be farfetched to suggest that if you’re taking the risk of going to these lengths to get it your relationship with the substance may already be an addictive one; or at least well on the way.  Otherwise you would go to your doctor, explain the symptoms from which you sought relief and he/she would prescribe accordingly.

One facet of all drugs of dependence whether legal or illegal the one that makes them so attractive and so dangerous is that they work … in the short term. They have an effect and they are reliable in that regard. But because of this a person may swiftly move from reliance to habit and on to full-blown psychological and physical addiction. Tolerance increases so you have to take more to get the same effect and then you can find yourself with an increase in the very symptoms you sought to alleviate as well as possibly becoming severely depressed.

This is why GP’s and Psychiatrists need to be very careful about how much they prescribe and for how long. They should be wary of (too many) repeat prescriptions.

Once addicted, it is very difficult to withdraw from Valium and there are significant risks such as potentially fatal fitting, which is why withdrawal needs to be medically and psychologically managed with great care, as in somewhere like Clouds House.

Of course people who buy from unregulated suppliers are obtaining the drug from totally unscrupulous people who aren’t going to inform them about the risks, or even the common side effects, let alone the potential harms of taking them with other drugs.  They’re not going to be honest about what’s in them and in what combinations and quantities.

The trouble is the all-consuming nature of the relationship with a substance or behaviour that characterises addiction tends to destroy good judgement, clear thinking and commons sense.

Nick Barton
Chief Executive
Action on Addiction
Posted: 17/06/2015 14:28:11 by Cherry Corner | with 0 comments
Filed under: illegal trade, radio, Valium

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