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M-PACT (Moving Parents And Children Together)

If you would like to find out more about the M-PACT programme and how attending can benefit families and children living with parental substance misuse, then please click on the above video link

The Programme

M-PACT supports children/young people aged 8-17 who are experiencing the effects of parental substance misuse within the family. The programme offers a 'Whole Family Approach', working with parents and children from up to eight families at any one time in different group combinations.

The programme is made up of 10 sessions, this includes an individual family assessment, eight consecutive weekly core sessions that last 2.5 hours and a family review session. The programme is run by experienced professionals who work with the young people and parents to reduce the harmful impact that parental substance misuse and addiction has on family life.

The programme has been evaluated by the Mental Health Research & Development Unit (MHRDU) at the University of Bath and Lorna Templeton Research.  Findings have shown that all the families involved felt that they had been helped by attending the programme. Please click on the links to read the evaluation results of the pilot programmes and the results from programmes run during 2006-2011 across the UK.

SROI Analysis of M-PACT

Over the period August to October 2013, an independent economic assessment of M-PACT was carried out by Interface Enterprises to provide a robust and defensible estimate of the costs and benefits of the programme.  The methodology chosen to undertake this assessment was an evaluative Social Return on Investment (SROI).  From a cost-effectiveness perspective the SROI has shown that M-PACT provides substantial and real economic value.

Please follow this link to download a copy of the full research results SROI Analysis:  A Social Return on Investment Analysis of the M-PACT (Moving Parents And Children Together) Programme.

There is also a Summary of the research at this link.

For more information about the M-PACT Programme, you can download a booklet here.

M-PACT programmes are being delivered across Wiltshire during

Programmes are scheduled to take place on the dates below and in three different areas:

28 May – 16 July 2015  (East Knoyle)
1 October – 19 November 2015 (Devizes)
4 February – 25 March 2016 (Salisbury)

If you would like more information on the programme please contact us on 01747 832 015.  A referral form can be downloaded here and should be emailed to or posted to For Families, Jill Cunningham House, East Knoyle, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6BE. 

Referral pathways for all sectors can be found here:


The Amy Winehouse Foundation is funding a
M-PACT pilot project to help families across all London Boroughs

Read more about the project here

Please check the M-PACT (UK) Project page to see if your local area is delivering M-PACT. You will find links to the local authority website against each area to help you with your search.

"We're all a lot more aware, things are calmer. Mum and Dad are getting the help they need and me and [my siblings] are getting the help we need. Hopefully it will be just ... us back together normally without addiction."

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