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Our Clients Stories

Action on Addiction supporter, Scott Bailey (30) writes about his relationship with alcohol
I don’t want anyone to have to go through what I went through as it’s really not worth it, and I really do believe that AoA have the ability and passion to reach out and help many people. I lost years of my life to alcohol and now I want to raise awareness of how dangerous (amongst many other drugs) it is.

Rose writes to the Charity
I would like to express my gratitude for financing my stay in Clouds House and my aftercare. Without this I might possibly be dead today. No words can express the joy and love I’m experiencing today, my family, children, grandchildren, friends have all expressed how fantastic a recovery I’m having.

Liz (36) tells her story of recovery
I always had a sense that I felt very different to others as a child. I seemed to experience feelings on a much deeper level and often felt very overwhelmed and at a ‘dis-ease’, either about myself and how I looked or how I related to others, constantly doing their thinking for them.

Henry's Story
I weighed a little over five and a half stones and could not walk up a flight of stairs without help. When I got to the medical centre I remember I kept on saying that I was sorry, I was so sorry. I was sorry that they had to examine me in the state I was in. I was at rock-bottom.

Sonya's story
Less than a year ago it was snowing. Less than a year ago suicide was the preferable option. Less than a year ago I was pacing the streets, grafting day and all through the night, alone, in the most degrading, immoral and dehumanising ways imaginable. I ran willingly into horrific and dangerous situations and thought nothing of it. Anything to get my drugs. This may sound a little dramatic but the reality of drug addiction for me was akin to an action/ horror film gone horribly wrong. I still have to pinch myself daily. Really? Was that really me? And, moreover, is this really my life today? Is the sun shining? Do I have loving friends and family in my life? Am I really free from drugs and alcohol? Yes. Just for today.

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